Hernandez, Gi - Anand, V.
Merida 2001 (Merida), 2001

It is an amazing game. Both winner and loser deserved the highest praises. 1.e4 c5 2.Sc3 d6 3.f4 Sc6 4.Sf3 g6 5.Lc4 Lg7 6.O-O Sf6 7.d3 O-O # Basicall y, White seeks after an attack on the black king follwing the pattern Qd1-e1-h4, f4-f5, Bc1-h6, Nf3-g5 etc in this line. Black's task is to strike up some play in the center, in order to distract White from his plan. 8.Lb3 Sd4 9.De1 The exchange on d4 is another option:
[9.Sxd4 cxd4 10.Se2 (it is very important that the white bishop is already on b3. The key is that on d6-d5 White can react with e4-e5!) Sd7 11.De1 Sc5 12.Df2 Db6 13.f5 Sxb3 14.axb3 d5 15.Lg5 dxe4 16.dxe4 f6 17.Lh4 e5 18.fxe6 Dxe6 19.Sxd4 Dxe4 20.Tfe1 Dd5 21.c4 Dc5 22.Sb5 Dxf2+ 23.Lxf2 and White grabbed the initiative, Al Modiahki,M-Alvarez,J/Istanbul 2000/0-1 (43)]
9...a5! The hunting season on the white bishops is open. 10.Dh4 # a4!? Black played in a fanciful way in the game Poloch - Zpevak/Cheh/1984:
[10.Dd7 11.e5 a4
12.Sxd4 cxd4 13.Sxa4 Dc7 14.exf6 Lxf6 15.Dg3 and at this point b5 or even 15...Bf5 16.c4 Bd7! lead to a very unclear position.]
11.Lxa4 Lg4 12.Tb1 White can't get anything substantial in the line
[12.Sxd4 cxd4 13.Sd5 Sxd5 14.exd5 Le2 15.Te1 Lf6! (a very important inbetween move, protecting the e7-pawn) 16.Dg3 Lxd3!]
12...Lxf3 13.gxf3 Txa4! A brilliant solution! White is buying the initiative for a moderate price. 14.Sxa4 b5 15.Sc3 Da5 Another self-suggesting continuation was
[15.b4 16.Sa4 Sxc2 with good compensation for a pawn.]
16.a3 b4 17.Sd1?! Maybe more dangerous for Black was
[17.axb4 cxb4 18.Df2! bxc3 19.Dxd4 Sh5 20.e5 dxe5 21.Dxc3 and Black has to prove that he has compensation for an exchange.]
17...Sxc2 18.Df2 b3 19.Se3 Da4 # Now it is clear, that Black is not worse to say the least. White's queenside is weak, whereas the rooks are passive. 20.Kh1 Sd7 21.Sc4 Tb8 A blocking move
[21.f5! looks much better. The f4-pawn becomes a cage for the c1-bishop.]
22.f5! The following sequense looks very logical. Sb6 23.Sxb6 Txb6 24.fxg6 hxg6 25.Lg5 Tb7 26.De2 Dc6 27.Tg1 d5 28.Tg2 Td7 29.h4! Sd4 30.De3 c4! # Both opponents are quick to show their trumps. Black is about to create a passer, whereas White is ready destroy the black king's cover. 31.dxc4 dxc4 32.h5! De6 33.hxg6 fxg6 34.Tg4 Sc2 35.Dc5 Le5 36.Tbg1 Kf7 37.Th4 Tc7 38.Df2!? If
[38.Da5 then Tc8! and it hard to find a good attacking continuation for White.]
38...Lxb2 39.Dh2 Tb7 40.Th7+ Ke8 41.Td1! An interception of the black king! Ld4! Napoleon is crossing Berezina anyway! 42.Th8+ Kd7 # This is a key position of the game. It is extremely hard to find the right continuation over the board. There are tons of variations! Black's passers look menacing, but if Anand manages to protect his king, they will tell. 43.Ta8? Strange as it may sound, White should have sacriced his humblest solder -
[43.a4! taking control over the b5-square! The idea of this move can be seen in the line c3 44.Lxe7!
(44.a5 Kc6! not clear)
(44.Dxe7 45.Th7)
(45.De2 Dxe7 46.Dc4+ - a draw with the perpetual.)
45...Kd7 Black loses in the line
(45.Kb6 46.Txd4! Dxc8 (46.Sxd4 47.Lc5+ with checkmate coming.) 47.Td5! Td7 48.Df2+ Ka6 49.De2+ Ka7 50.Ta5+ Kb8 51.Db5+ Db7 52.De5+ Tc7 53.Ld6 and White gets to the black king)
(45.Dxc8? 46.Dd6# (now we can see the importace of the a3-a4 move!))
46.Dh8 after
(46.Th8 Kc6! White has to get back 47.Tc8+ Kd7)
46...Dxe7 here the best continuation is 47.Txc3! If White gets temped by winnning the queen:
(47.Dh3+ De6! (47.Kd6 48.Dg3+ Kd7 49.Dg4+ Kd6 50.Dxg6+) 48.Td8+ Kxd8 49.Dxe6 b2 he will have to work hard to find a perpetual.)
47...De8 48.Txd4+ Sxd4 49.Dxd4+ Ke7 50.e5! It looks like White captures another Black's pawn, transposing into a queen ending with some winning chances. For this reason, on 43.a4 Black's best reaction is 43...Kc6, which may lead to a draw after 44.Ra8 c3 45.Ra6+ Rb6 46.Ra7 Rb7. Nevertheless, both parties can contunue the battle in this line: White has a 45.a5 option, intead of 45.Ra6+; Black can proceed with - 46...Qc8 instead of 46...Rb7.]
43...b2 44.Dh8 Kc6! 45.De8+ Dd7 46.Dxg6+ e6 It is all over! Black's is safe; his pawns are about to become the queens. 47.Ta6+ Kb5 48.Txe6 Dh7+ #